• Group Training Northumberland

    We are a unique fitness Studio that holds a strong commitment to getting our clients results and educating clients into a better way of living.

    Group Training Ashington

Group Training Northumberland

Fully Flexible timetable with fun and adaptable sessions throughout.

Group Training in Northumberland

Project:U Coaches are here to support and mentor you to get you the results you deserve.

Group Weight Loss Northumberland

Proven nutrition plans that are flexible and yet you still can have the foods that you love.

Group Training Northumberland

Group Training Northumberland

Group Training Northumberland. Our mission is to help you on your own Project to become the best version of YOU!!

Our coaches work incredibly hard and are fully dedicated to your success. We take pride in seeing our transformations unfold. We help you transform your mind, body and soul so that you become better in every part of your life.

We deliver incredible RESULTS whilst maintaining the food and lifestyle that you enjoy. Project:U is a lifestyle change, to create a project with you in mind. We want you to become part of the awesome fitness community with like-minded people (no egos) and we believe that there is no community or support like it.

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